The olive tree and its fruit


Olive oil is a natural condiment because it is obtained by pressing a fruit: the olive. The olive tree needs a mild climate, lime soil and good drainage.



There are numerous factors when it comes to obtaining a top quality oil with refined taste and flavour characteristics: the climate, quality of the soil, variety of tree (there are some 400 varieties of olive known as cultivars), the harvesting method used and the storage of the finished product.

Some of the olive varieties found in Italy:

  • Oil cultivars: Leccino, Frantoio, Canino, Bosana, Barese, Casaliva, Castiglionese, etc
  • Table cultivars: Ascolana tenera, Bella di Cirignola, Nocellara, Bella di Spagna, etc
  • Cultivar for both uses: Ascolana semitenera, Carolea, Cucco, Grossa di Cassano, Itrana, Messinese, Provenzale, Nera di Gonnos, Nocellara.